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Acremead Kennels, Oxford ...for discerning dogs

Bring along your dog's bed or favourite item of bedding, maybe some toys and treats or  something of yours to make your dog feel at home straight  away.


Don’t forget your dog’s vaccination certificate!


Please bring your dog's lead and any medication with        



Food - We like to keep things as close to your pet's home routine as possible, so there are options for breakfast, lunch and dinnertime meals but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer

What's for dinner?

On Arrival



To protect  your dog and all our guests' health, we will need to see a current vaccination certificate with up-to-date vaccinations against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis and Kennel Cough. Your veterinary surgeon can advise you on this. We prefer that the vaccinations are done at least two weeks before your dog arrives. We cannot accept any dog who has not been vaccinated within the last 12 months.


We will ask for a contact telephone number from you.


We will ask for the name and telephone number of your veterinary surgery. We will contact them, or our own vet, if at any point, our trained staff are concerned about the health of your dog.





All guests are housed individually, unless you would like your family of dogs to holiday together.


Each dog has a well-insulated, warm and comfortable bedroom area, and all have their own run attached.


We do provide beds, but please feel free to bring along any favourite item of bedding or a toy to make your dog feel at home straight away.


Heating is provided in the winter and on any other chilly days at no additional cost.


All dogs are exercised at least three times daily by the kennel staff, in one of our enclosed exercise paddocks.



Our  staff are very proficient at giving ongoing medication, for example eye drops, ear drops or arthritis treatments. Please make sure all medication is clearly labeled.There is no extra charge for this service.

We keep a wide selection of both tinned and complete food. To accommodate special dietry requirements we also have a freezer to store any prepared and labeled own food you may wish to bring for your dog.






James Wellbeloved.

Bakers complete: 

Beta Maintenance: 

Field and Trial: Maintenance.

Science Plan: 









Pedigree Chum 


Butcher's Tripe








If your dog is on a special diet you are welcome to bring their  own food , pre labelled, we have fridges, freezers & a microwave to enable us to meet your dogs individual dietary needs. However we cannot cook food.

Complete food

Call us on: 

07726 354464

Tinned food

Own food

Our Menu

What to pack for your dog's holiday

Arrivals and departures: 

Oct - May

Mon - Sat:

1000 - 1100 Check in & check out.

Mon - Fri: 1800 - 1830 Check in and check out by prebooked  appointment only 


Mon - Sat 

1000 - 1030 am Check out only 

1100 - 1130 am Check in only

Mon - Fri 

1800 - 1830 pm Check in and out only 

Closed Sunday & Bank Holidays for check in & out.


Opening Hours

Harry Acremead Kennels Oxford

Acremead Kennels is a Licenced Dog Boarding Kennels in Milton Road, Drayton near Abingdon & Didcot in Oxfordshire

Acremead Boarding Kennels for Dogs, Oxfordshire    

Fully Licenced Dog Boarding Kennels located just off the A34 between Abingdon & Didcot, Oxfordshire

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